June 24, 2014

About the CAC

The Collierville Arts Council was formed as a fundraising organization to finish the Harrell Performing Arts Theatre.  When the Community Center/Harrell Theatre complex was built in 1984, the theatre was an empty shell.  Within three years, the funds were secured and the theatre opened in 1987.  The focus of the Council was then shifted to underwrite the productions presented at the Harrell Theatre. 

A substantial donation was made by Milton and Joan Harrell Schaeffer, daughter and son-in-law of Charles Herbert Harrell. Without that donation in memory of her father, Charles Herbert Harrell, The Harrell Performing Arts Theatre would not exist.
Charles Herbert Harrell was a great man. He was a doughboy during WWI in France.
He was an educator, the principal of Collierville High School, and had a great appreciation for the Arts. The colors of CHS used to be black and gold. Charles Herbert Harrell changed them to maroon and white when he became principal. He attended Mississippi State, and that’s where he got the colors. For more information go to Old Collierville, Inc. on Facebook.

Our Purpose

Develop, promote, assist and coordinate the arts in the Town of Collierville and surrounding areas; to perform other charitable services for the benefit of the Town of Collierville and surrounding areas; and, to do any and all things allowable under the Tennessee Non-Profit Corporation Act. Collierville Arts Council is a not-for-profit, tax exempt organization under IRC 501(c)3; donations are tax deductible.

If you or your corporation would like to make a tax deductible contribution to the Collierville Arts Council to help support the arts in the Collierville area and continue the fine programming at the Harrell Performing Arts Theatre, please contact Lisa Miller at lbmillerarts@yahoo.com.

Special Requirements

1 member of Parks Advisory Board shall serve on the Arts Council. There should be at least 9 members on the Board. Members cannot be Town employees. Members shall be residents of, or own property in, the Town of Collierville and/or surrounding areas

Board members

Leesa Wilkinson Chairman
Lisa Miller Treasurer (Ad hoc)
Kristin Fletcher Secretary
Maureen Fraser Alderman Liaison
Rachelle Maier Parks Advisory Board Liaison
Terry Dean  Executive Director
Mary Jean Smith  Town Board of Mayor and Alderman Citizen at Large
Joseph M Banker  CPA, Council Treasurer
Dana Bray
Al Cristalino
Melanie Duncan
Tamah Halfacre
Amber Lombardo
Jane Hester
Matt Morgan
Wendy Nations
Julie Scarpace
Amy Wood
Gay Young
Steve Young



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